Inspiring Futures Poetry Anthology

Our 50th Anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate Leeds Trinity University’s many achievements since it was founded in 1966. Many of these achievements are well-known, but what many people may not know is the contribution that Leeds Trinity has made to poetry.

Over the years, Leeds Trinity has been home to a diverse community of published and award-winning poets, who have helped to cement the University’s reputation as a centre for creative writing excellence. In 1970, the TASC Poetry Society published Colleges Poetry 1970: An Anthology of Poetry by Students in Colleges of Education, which included contributions from colleges across the UK. As well as a preface from TASC Poetry Society Chairman Edward Hayes, there was also a contribution from D. Rushton entitled Young Once.

Today, the University has a successful MA in Creative Writing which helps students develop their identities as writers and learn how to make practical steps in getting their work seen and heard by a wider audience. As a result, many more students have had their work published in recent years, among whom are award-winning poets.

50th Anniversary Poetry Anthology

To celebrate the University’s poetic heritage and look forward to the University’s future, a special 50th Anniversary poetry anthology will be published in March. It contains poetry from Leeds Trinity poets, past and present, written in response to the theme: ‘Inspiring Futures’. The anthology will be the latest in the ongoing Wordspace series, a collaboration between Leeds Trinity University and the award-winning Indigo Dreams Publishing.

The anthology has been edited by Oz Hardwick, Leeds Trinity’s Professor of English and an award-winning poet. He says:

“In a year in which the university is looking back on the changes and successes of the past fifty years, this collection will be unapologetically forward-looking. The theme is deliberately ambiguous, and different people will respond to it in different ways. We live in difficult times, and I’d like this to be an uplifting collection: after all, one of the key purposes of any educational institution is to try to make the world a better place, so this project particularly invites aspiration and hope, based in a clear-sighted view of the present.”

Launch event

The anthology will be launched on Wednesday 22 March at a wine reception following the annual Leeds Trinity Writers’ Festival.